OMG! Summer Update 2010

Welcome to OMG! Summer Update 2010!

In this news we want keep you up to date about our current work in progress and give you some information about those.

First of all, anyway, I would spend two words to inform you about some changes inside OMG.
Shinanigans left the team leading so actually I’m the only leader of Online Modding Group and that’s why I’m here writing this update. Anyway Shinanigans will remain in the team and he will keep helping us in all our projects as game designer. I would like to thank him for all the time he spent in the past to manage the team, and make it bigger. In the upcoming months we will take care to rework the whole structure of OMG and you will see a lot of changes, starting from the website which is becoming obsolete, but not only.

OMG! Projects

After this premise I would start talking about our current projects.


After months of mod making, picture taking and hard work we are proud to present you “Borderline”, the upcoming modification based on Crytek’s SDK. Formerly known as ‘Project X’, Borderline started on the 15th of January 2010 and after months we are finally going to release the name and information about this project.

It all started with the idea to produce a fast, old-school first person shooter where movements are very important and where the player must jump, move fast and attack in order to survive. It allows and includes the usage of basic tactics but differently from current games which are based more on reality war where the player is usually slow or forced to wait to recharge his health.

Borderline is specifically developed with multiplayer in mind. With the integration of five game modes, a completely new weapon design and penetration system, new characters, new maps and a demo-tutorial single player campaign it is able to involve you inside a new atmosphere, never seen before in the world of Crysis modifications.

    The story begins in 2042 inside an underground military base codenamed Stigma in the north of Alaska where scientists are performing experiments in order to manipulate the Earth crust.
    The player takes the role of the protagonist Colonel John Dreyfus, the only survivor of the base who will have to stop a new mysterious kind of enemy: an unknown life form found inside the same base which killed all the humans or turn them into new murderous enemies. The soldier will work alone with no external help since the base has been completely locked for global security reasons and no one can go in or come out.

We are able to show you the first screenshots and concepts for Borderline:

We are not yet able to announce any release date since there is again a lot of work to do but we will keep you up to date as much as possible using this pages and the upcoming website (


At the same time we are taking care to continue PreCrysis. This modification is getting bigger and bigger, the amount of things to prepare in order to complete each level is incredible. Due of some internal technical problems we are now missing level designers so in order to complete the mod and give it a sort of new start we are searching volunteers able to design single player maps based on the classical environment of Crysis.

We have the possibility to show you some new screenshots from PreCrysis:


OMG! Recruiting

For last, we would let you know we are recruiting talented, capable modders for Borderline as well as for PreCrysis. We are looking for persons with a strong passion for this kind of work, who possess determination as well as time and want to join a solid and big team.

We are searching:
Level Designers (PreCrysis/Borderline):
  • Good knowledge of Crytek Sandbox 2 and its features;
  • Knowledge of flow graph system to integrate small flow graphs;
  • Knowledge of AI system (PreCrysis requirement).

Game mode programmer (Borderline):
  • Good knowledge of LUA scripting language in Crysis.

Character artist/modeler (Borderline):
  • Skilled in 3D Sculpting tools like ZBrush or Mudbox;
  • Able to organic models (humans and/or monsters).

3D artist/modeler (Borderline):
  • Skilled in 3D tools like 3DSMax or similar;
  • Able to create textures.
If you wish to join us, send a mail at:
Borderline => [email protected]
PreCrysis => [email protected][email protected]

That’s all for now! More information about the upcoming modification Borderline will follow soon including information about the maps and the gameplay. Keep following us.


Your Online Modding Group

Crysis Wars EX - 1.1.4

In the pursuit of perfection, We are running out of one-liner pitches for our latest EX patch! Nevertheless, we develop these updates purely for the satisfaction of those that play and enjoy Crysis Wars EX, so we hope you enjoy them.

Just a quick update to resolve a small, potential issue;
  • Fixed no recoil bug based on the usage of EX laser shortcut.
  • Fixed minor bugs in Settlement PS map.
  • Removed startup animation for SMG.



Your Online Modding Group

Crysis Wars EX - 1.1.3 Hotfix "doh!"

Just when you thought it was all over... again... we go and surprise you... again!

Every now and then, us humans, we make mistakes. During the development of a project, it isn't uncommon to overlook a small issue or two. What separates the men from the boys is the men will jump straight on it, fix the problem, then dust their hands and get on with the next job..

Just a small fix for our recent 1.1.2 patch. There was a materials fault in the Settlement map and we also added in another Cvar which was requested by the ESL community.



Your Online Modding Group

Cel Shader - Release

As a special treat to the Crysis modding community, the Online Modding Group is proud to present Danny02's Cel Shader for Crysis Wars.

With this tiny pak file, you're able to play Crysis Wars with a Cel Shading render with no configuration required. Just drop the pak file into your CrysisWars/Game/ directory and fire up the game as per normal. That's it!

We hope you enjoy this little mod!


Crysis Wars EX 1.1.2 Release

Just when you thought it was all over, we go ahead and pull a Houdini on you all! Ha! Crysis Wars EX is being wrapped up with one final update - 1.1.2. The update adds a few more features (we just can't help ourselves) as well as fixes a few minor bugs that required squishing.

Update List
  • Added Phoenix anti-cheat (written by CorneN)
  • Added Phoenix server variables
  • Added Unlocker for server player limit
  • Added First person effect to some weapons
  • Fixed Map Coast_EX
  • Fixed Map Settlement
  • Fixed No recoil bug based on weapon raising

The relatively small update below comes in .zip format for easy installation. It does require either version 1.1 or 1.1.1 of EX be installed first. Just overwrite the existing files with this latest update and you're good to go!

Download Crysis Wars EX 1.1.2 Patch (.zip) - 28MB

Wrapping It Up
A sincere thanks goes out to all those that have downloaded and played our mod. We hope you enjoyed playing it as much as we did creating it and we hope that it improved your Crysis Wars experience in one way or another.

Whilst one chapter closes, many more open and this is far from the end of the Online Modding Group. We look forward to bringing you more and more great projects and here's to a busy 2010!


Your Online Modding Group

OMG! We're recruiting and expanding!

Quick Background Check

It's been just over 12 months since the Online Modding Group came together and in that time we've had some great success which we're both thankful for and proud of. We started with a plan to create a competition-based mod for Crysis Wars and from there we've brought on the ReCryation team to work on Pre Crysis, finished EX and begun other projects.

We currently have one private project, known as "Project X", that we're looking to bring on some additional recruits for to help with the project. We're also looking at expanding our "Pre Crysis" team with fresh and eager minds that wish to assist in bringing this awsome project to the public. Today we're also announcing that OMG! will be expanding into the UDK (Unreal Development Kit) universe and beginning a UE3 based project known as "Mental" (more on that in the next news!).

Project X

Multiplayer Level Designers (x2)
  • Good knowledge of Sandbox2 and its features.
  • Minimal knowledge of flowgraph system to integrate small flowgraph such as fan rotation and so on.
  • Able to design urban, futuristic environments.

Single Player Level Designer
  • Excellent knowledge of SandBox2 and its features.
  • Good knowledge of flowgraph system.
  • Very good knowledge of AI system.
  • Able to design urban, futuristic environments.
  • Able to place AI, define the path, the movements and so on.
  • Able to create camera view, sync events and flythrough.

One Character Animator

  • Very good knowledge of 3D applications.
  • Excellent knowledge of how to export/import models and its animations inside SandBox2.
  • Excellent knowledge of Crytek system for first person and third person character animations.
  • Good teamwork ability, to interface with the 3D modeller for our characters.

One Asset Artist
  • Very good knowledge of 3D applications.
  • Very good knowledge of how create objects (assets), texturize them, export them from 3D and import them in SandBox2, etc.
  • Good knowledge of material, texture, uvmap, etc creation.

Pre Crysis

Story Writer
  • To assist the team in story writing for Pre Crysis.
  • Matching up level-lines with story
  • Possibly dialogue (TBA).

Cutscene / Trackviewer
  • Previous cutscene/trackview experience necessary.
  • Examples of work upon application much appreciated.

Level Designers (x2)
  • Experienced Singleplayer level designers required.
  • Ability to create levels through Whiteboxing essential.
  • Gameplay design experienced is a big bonus.

One 2D Artist
  • Required mainly for environment/prop texture work.
  • More details upon application.


3D Asset/Prop Modellers (x2)
  • More detail to be advised upon application.
  • Theme will be old and run-down urban environments.

One 3D Character modeller
  • Animator to create animations from scratch.
  • Motion capture experience is a bonus.

One 2D Artist

  • Environment concepts.
  • Character concepts.
  • Textures.
  • Web banners and logos.

Online Modding Group - 2010

Welcome to the first OMG! news article of 2010! Even though we're already over 1/4 of the way through the year and things have been quiet on the western front, behind closed doors there has been lots going on. So, where to start?

Restructure of OMG!

First off, some sadening news that our fearless leader, known to many as "c4Te" has decided to part ways with OMG! due to personal reasons and we wish him all the best with his future. He has been an inspiration, shared his awesome visions with us and given some of us plebs a real chance to join a great team full of talented people and we hope to continue what he started in great fashion and continue to grow stronger every day.

Entrusted to both myself (Shinanigans) and TheBlackDead, OMG! will continue on with us as co-leaders, myself mainly managing the team and web side of things whilst TheBlackDead heads up the group's current main project which we'll tell you about in due time.

OMG Projects
  • CrysisWars EX - was already winding down it's development prior to this announcement taking place. Everything that the team set out to achieve has mostly been achieved and we'd like to thank the Crysis community sincerely for playing our mod. With over 2700 unique players tracked and almost 12 thousand hours of play time, we are very proud of the result and we endevour to make our future projects just as successful, if not more.
  • PreCrysis - is still under development and is still being headed up by Vert-X. We hope to bring more teasers and information on PreCrysis to the public soon as we know plenty of you are eager to get your hands on this great project. The PreCrysis development group is small so if you think you've got what it takes to help out with the project then please apply through our ModDB page.
We've also got 3 previously unreleased screenshots to show you!


  • Project 'X' - is a new, internal project being developed by the Online Modding Group. The only thing i can tell you about this project so far is it's being developed for CryEngine2, it's going to be fast and like nothing you've ever seen on CryEngine2 before. Of course, we have something to wet your appetite with though!

Well, i don't want to put all of my eggs into the one basket so that will do for this update. I do apologise that it took so long for this news article to come out, as i'm sure many of you can imagine, it's been rather hectic around here over the last few months!

I've got more news to share with you in the next article too so, stay frosty!


Your Online Modding Group.

OMG! Christmas Update

Welcome to this year’s last update from the Online Modding Group. To make this a special one we have prepared several new releases for you, first details on Third Reich and we have some prizes we would like to give to you. So go ahead and read through the OMG! Christmas Update.

Content: OMG! News Update #2
  • Crysis Wars EX
    • Patch 1.1.1
    • Crysis Wars ESO 1.0
    • Download & Installation
  • OMG! Community Corner
    • SSM Aegis & SSM Patriot News
    • Community Release: MP-5
    • Community Release: Deadend & Settlement
    • PACMAN Christmas Competition
    • ModDB - Mod of the Year 2009
  • Inside OMG!
    • Third Reich
    • Vacant Positions
    • New People

With more than 2200 tracked players Crysis Wars EX is the most played Multiplayer modification for Crysis Wars. To support that the Online Modding Group is working on regular updates featuring new content and improvements.

Patch 1.1.1
After several small problems we are now able to present you a new patch for the last content update that updates EX to 1.1.1 and includes some new improvements combined with fixes for the existing problems.

  • Fixed Rapid Fire issue that appears when switching attachments too fast.
  • Fixed the different server crashes.
  • Advertisment now gets correctly displayed in the menu.
  • Fixed the z_credits command to show the correct credits for Crysis Wars EX 1.1.1.
  • Fixed spectator bug on respawing in TIA and TCH.
  • Fixed sound echo in first and 3rd person while shooting with MP5.
  • Fixed the different sounds in Blitz.
  • Fixed 3rd person sound bug with SPARC and MP5: when the guy is far away, the sound plays smooth now
  • Fixed QueueVoice Crytek bug in TIA/TCH
  • LAM-on-fly and Silencer-on-fly shortcut keys work now also for SOCOM, MP5 and AY.
  • Addition of new command allowing spawning additional weapons besides the SPARC Rifle in CH/TCH (z_ch_allowItems).
  • Updated Crysis Wars Extendend Server Options (ESO) to a newer version.
  • Changed (Team)CryticalHit Weapon abandoned time to 10

Crysis Wars ESO 1.0
Together with Crysis Wars EX we are updating Crysis Wars Extended Server Options (ESO) to version 1.0.
Server administrators are used to SSM nowadays and so far it was only possible to run either EX or SSM. Based on SSM Patriot by Rod-Serling & his team the Online Modding Group has developed a new server-side modification for Crysis Wars EX that solves this problem and allows server administrators to use their beloved features together with Crysis Wars EX. Changes applied since the last public beta version can be seen in bellows’ list.

  • Added ESO for the new game mode "BLITZ"
  • Addition of fun sounds that can be played by any player on a server using the chatcommand !sound "soundname".
  • Renamed PenaltyBox to BadZone
  • ESO commands now start with "eso_" instead of "ssm_"
  • Fixed Teamkill System
  • Several minor code fixes
Download & Installation
Crysis Wars EX 1.1.1 (including ESO 1.0) can be downloaded from various mirrors. If a mirror is not working or if you would like to add an additional mirror please let us know. We are always looking for people supporting us with hosting the necessary files. This patch requires version 1.1.0 installed.

We recommend the use of the installer version for players. Advanced users and server administrators can use the archived version of the modification for the installation.

OMG! Community Corner
This month´s Community Corner is all about great stuff for you, the community. We have so many things to share with you that the place in this news is not enough. Additional announcements will be made in the upcoming weeks about more community activities and we hope you like the following news.

SSM Aegis & SSM Patriot News
Today the Online Modding Group & the SSM Team at would like to announce that the OMG! Stats System (developed by 1ApRiL) will be implemented in version 1.4.1 of the famous administration tool SSM Aegis. At the same time, the existing OMG! Stats homepage will receive several updates including reworked achievements (Medals & Pins).

While SSM Aegis is still heavily used by server administrators, the newer tool SSM Patriot will soon be released to replace SSM Aegis. This new SSM modification is not only far more efficient than Aegis, it also includes Phoenix, an anticheat system written by CorneN. This mod will also include the OMG! Stats System.

Community Release: MP-5
Many people asked us if we could release the MP-5 as a single community asset. Today we do exactly that. You want it? You get it! And that is not the only news about the MP-5. We have decided to activate the dual wield mode for this special release.


The downloaded file contains all required assets, animations, sounds and scripts. Additional information and installation instructions can be found in the ReadMe file. Credit for the model and the texture goes to Christian Bliss, Vert-X for all the animations and integration and zygurt for the sound.

Community Release: Deadend & Settlement
Crysis Wars EX 1.0.0 contained a new PS map called Deadend and Crysis Wars EX 1.1.0 contained another new PS map called Settlement. Both maps were not available without Crysis Wars EX till now. As a special Christmas present we are releasing both maps as separate downloads, available for Crysis Wars players without the modification. Credit for Deadend goes to Nerv3 and for Settlement to c4Te. Enjoy this release.


PACMAN Christmas Competition
Today we are starting our PACMAN Christmas competition. Find Pacman and his friends on the new Crysis Wars EX maps and win a special Christmas present that includes rare Crysis merchandising, lanyards and many more things.

To participate in the competition you only need the Crysis Wars trial version and Crysis Wars EX 1.1.1. Look through the new maps introduced with the 1.1.0 Content Update and send us a screenshot of Pacman and his four friends to omg-modding[at] The competition ends at the 31st of December at 1am CET. The winners will be announced right after the deadline.
To make it a bit easier we have prepared some small hints for you. Follow them and the present is yours.

  • Ice_EX: Hiding in such a cold area might not be the best idea. It was leading to Pacman being frozen and he is now waiting for you to be rescued.
  • Treehouse_EX: A sniper reported a red ghost flying around in this area. Make sure to take your photo before he vanished again.
  • Settlement: To have a better overview this ghost has chosen a high spot only accessible for spectators.
  • Village: Think about the perfect place for a BLUE ghost to hide.
  • Industrial_EX: A scientist saw a strange shadow inside the main building. Illusion or reality?

ModDB – Mod of the Year 2009
As in every year the homepage is organizing the “Mod of the Year” award. As one of the few mods that have been released in 2009 we want to represent the Crysis community as good as possible.

Therefore we would be thankful if you could vote for Crysis Wars EX. In this first round you can vote for as many mods as you want.

Inside OMG!
The last two months the team was finalizing Crysis Wars EX while the management started already planning for the upcoming projects that will keep us busy in 2010. Therefore we have as always several new people joining us and of course there are still vacant positions.

Third Reich
This month we want to show you some first progress on Third Reich (known as Project 03). Third Reich is a modification for Crysis Wars that aims for a competitive Singleplayer experience in an alternative universe. The modification is using Cel Shading and other additions to create a unique visual experience. So today we have a first in-game shot for you.

Vacant Positions
This month we can welcome several new talented people in our team but there is still place for more in some sections. Please see bellow’s list for the vacant positions.

Crysis Wars EX
  • Translator (French, Polish, Spanish, Czech)
Third Reich
  • SP Level Designer
  • Environment & Props Artists
If you are interested in joining the Online Modding Group please write us a PM or a mail (omg-modding[at]

New People
With a new project being started in our team there were several positions that had to be filled with new talented people. So please welcome the following new members (sorted by the different projects).

Crysis Wars EX Developers
  • RevolutionX - Programmer
Third Reich Developers
  • Boebi – Level Designer
  • Oni – Game Designer
  • Elias – Concept Artist
  • Göddy – Concept Artist
  • Mistermoo – Weapon Artist
  • Radcliff – Environment Artist
  • MonkeyMhz – Character Artist
  • Revand – Character Artist
  • Nightwolf – Props Artist
General OMG! Team
  • Ash712 – 2D Designer
  • sErBz – Focus Tester
  • Heimscheisser – Hungarian Translator
This was the last update for this year. The next update can be expected at the end of January or probably earlier depending on the progress we are making. We wish you peaceful holidays and a happy new year 2010. May it be as successful as 2009 for our team.


Your Online Modding Group

Patch 1.1.1 Announcement

Not everything went that well the other day when we released Crysis Wars EX 1.1.0 and therefore the team is working on a first patch to fix the biggest issues we currently have. The patch should be ready within 10 days and should also fix the server crash that appears after a while together with some fixes for the Blitz game mode. We hope you can still enjoy Crysis Wars EX during that time and are looking forward to more feedback regarding the current version.


Your Online Modding Group

Crysis Wars EX 1.1.0 Release

It is time to release Crysis Wars EX 1.1.0 and allowing you to enjoy new modes, new weapons and many other changes that have been applied by our development team. This news will provide you the first steps into the universe of Crysis Wars EX, so check it out, download the modification and join us.

Crysis Wars EX 1.1 Features
Please note that the changelist below is just a part of the full list.

  • Addition of new game mode: Crytical Hit.
  • Addition of new game mode: Team Crytical Hit.
  • Addition of new game mode: Blitz.
  • Addition of new weapon to PS/CH/TCH: EP-SPARC Rifle
  • Raising OMG! Stats maximum level from 40 to 75.
  • Added shortcut on key to print stats.
  • Allowing spectators to print stats of in-game players.
  • Added new PowerStruggle map "Settlement".
  • Added new BLITZ map "Village".
  • Added an overworked EX version of the IA/TIA/CH/TCH map "Industrial".
  • Added an overworked EX version of the IA/TIA/CH/TCH map "Ice".
  • Added an overworked EX version of the IA/TIA/CH/TCH map "Treehouse".
  • Added an overworked EX version of the IA/TIA/CH/TCH map "Coast".
  • Activated Crytical Hit and Team Crytical Hit for all IA/TIA maps.
  • Added key to attach / detach the LAMRifle attachment on the fly.
  • Added key to attach / detach the Silencer attachment on the fly.
  • Added SPARC prototype poster.
  • Scaled up the size of the Reflex Sight
  • LTV: Armed variants have slightly increased armour values.
  • All vehicle with MG turrets: Gunner turret now turns and pitches with vehicle, not independently.
  • All vehicles: Splash damage received from explosive weapons works more realistically.
  • Reduction of damage applied to players when falling from a higher ground.
  • FY71: Raised the rate of fire from 610 to 615.
  • SCAR: Slightly raised the base recoil values between 5 and 10%.
  • SCAR: Slightly decreased all sights/scopes recoil and spread bonuses, even when proning or crouching.
  • Decrease of the LAW rocket speed & rebalancing to ensure fair vehicle combat.
  • Nano Disruptor/EMP Grenade: Reduced minimum blast radius from 12 to 0.1, max. radius is still 12.
  • Fixed MOAC shards not disappearing SDK bug.
  • Fixed LAW 1st person firing animation that would only be displayed during the third rocket firing.
  • z_name feature was not compatible with CryStats system
  • Statistic title was wrong on GlobalRoundStats when using "stats" with PlayerName argument

Download Details
We provide two Crysis Wars EX install methods. The first one is an installer; we moreover recommend players to use this installer version. The installer will lead you through the full installation process, and will place a shortcut on your desktop to start Crysis Wars EX.

The second method is a simple .rar archive that should be used by Server Administrators to upgrade their servers to Crysis Wars EX.

Public Servers
Thanks to FusioN Multigaming and Nürnberg Panthers we are able to provide you three Public Servers where you can try out Crysis Wars EX 1.1.0. We hope that additional servers for the different territories are provided by the community so do not worry if there is no server available right after the release of Crysis Wars EX 1.1 for your territory.

Panthers - EX 1.1.0
Gamemode: Blitz

Gamemode: Blitz

Gamemode: Team Crytical Hit

What Next?
After the release of Crysis Wars EX we will make a short break, enjoy what we have created and start working on a new patch because even if the release is quite stable there are still tons of things we want to polish.

At the beginning of 2010 we will evaluate the success of Crysis Wars EX and will decide if it is worth it to start the development of Crysis Wars EX 1.2. So it is up to you now to show you want to have and want to play Crysis Wars EX and want ongoing support with new modes, maps, features and improvements.

That´s it. You now know everything you need to know to be able to play Crysis Wars EX. We hope you have a good time and of course your feedback is very welcome.


Your Online Modding Group
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